EvictionRecords.com Tenant Check Better Business Bureau Reliability Report

BBB Better Business Bureau Reliability Report for EvictionRecords.com and Screening Intelligence LLC

Tenant Screening BBB Business Review

After reviewing documents and information provided to the organization by EvictionRecords.com Tenant Check a website of Screening Intelligence LLC, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has renewed the company’s accreditation. The 2013 Reliability Report graded Eviction Records with an A-, noting that the company had no consumer complaints filed against it. The BBB also confirms that the company is open and transparent and that it provided all information to the organization for review.

The BBB has a set of standards that it uses in order to ensure that every accredited business is committed to improving the customer experience. The BBB believes that every business should act in good faith to resolve consumer complaints and provide all customers with a reasonable and fair solution. In addition, it works to ensure that businesses operate within a certain code of ethics. For instance, EvictionRecords.com is committed to the following ethics standards as outlined by the BBB:

  • A commitment to advertising its products honestly.
  • Establishing a positive marketplace track record.
  • Standing by all written agreements and contracts with customers.
  • Protecting customers’ private information and financial information.
  • Addressing customer complaints and feedback in an appropriate fashion and timetable.
  • Maintaining a standard of integrity in all business operations.

While EvictionRecords.com has been accredited by the BBB, it is important to note that the BBB does not review or endorse specific products offered by the company. EvictionRecords.com is committed to maintaining a standard of excellence when it comes to providing customers with the tenant background check and tenant eviction check services they need in order to conduct their business and personal lives. However, the BBB does not endorse any of these specific services and products as offered by EvictionRecords.com. The tenant check products include criminal records, eviction checks, federal checks and identity verification.

The Better Business Bureau is an American organization that has developed a set of standards that businesses should strive to use as they conduct their daily meetings and interactions with customers. The goal of the organization is to improve transparency in the marketplace, and improve the level of customer trust with businesses. Screening Intelligence and EvictionRecords.com Tenant Check Services are committed to the standards. Many customers will only work with businesses that are accredited by the BBB, as this organization continues to monitor participating companies and ensure that all standards and guidelines are being met. The BBB believes that members of the public should be treated with fairness and honesty and should receive the products, goods and services that they pay for from a company.

EvictionRecords.com is committed to maintaining our relationship with the BBB and the company continues to strive to improve tenant check products and the customer experience every day.