NAPBS Membership for Tenant Background Screeners Tenant Screeners is a voting member of the industry organization, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. is proud to announce its membership with the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. This professional organization, which is also known as the NAPBS, consists of the best tenant background screeners in the industry. by Screening Intelligence is now a regular member of the tenant screeners organization, which means that our company has voting rights and will have a voice when it comes to important industry decisions.

NAPBS Tenant Screening.gifThere are over 300 other organizations that are members of the NAPBS. holds the position of a regular member, which is a position reserved for employment and tenant background screeners. There are two other levels of membership within the organization. Affiliate memberships and associate memberships are available to companies, businesses and people who are affiliated with the industry in an indirect way. For instance, human resources professionals, insurance agents and legal analysts who work with professional background screening companies and property managers who work with tenant screeners can join the NAPBS as well.

The NAPBS is committed to providing its members the resources they need in order to give their customers a valuable experience. One of the main focuses of the organization is providing tenant background screeners with resources and learning opportunities. The organization hosts a conference every year that focuses on providing members with training opportunities. In addition, the NAPBS plans a mid-year meeting that keeps tenant screeners up-to-date on the happenings within the organization. On top of all of that, the organization also plans monthly webinar sessions in order to provide continued educational opportunities throughout the calendar year.

In addition to providing learning opportunities and resources, the NAPBS also works with tenant screeners to advocate and raise awareness about issues that are related to the professional background screening industry. Leaders in the organization focus on advocating at the local, state and national level about issues related to consumer protection and privacy rights. Advocacy leaders ensure that the issues important to tenant background screeners stay at the forefront of the minds of our elected officials, and that legislative changes that need to be made are put into motion.

NAPBS members are required to take an oath of ethics in order to join this elite professional organization, and we intend to uphold that oath as we continue to improve our services for our customers. Our NAPBS membership is just one way we strive to improve our company and our industry, and it proves our commitment to our customers, our services and our colleagues that we work with every day.